A Look Back at the Noughties–Opening Night Edition!!

It’s tough to really have an objective view on a decade that is still so fresh. We didn’t fully understand the cheese of the nineties until about 2004, right? Although-“Pump Up the Jam” holds up.  I swear it.  I wonder if I will talk with such zeal about Radiohead and Spike Jonze in twenty years. I think I will, but my mom probably thought the same about the Doobie Brothers and Alan Pakula.  I am sure about this: I cannot wait to say to my grandkids, “Yeah, that’s right. Granny was living in New York City at the Turn of the Century!” TURN OF THE CENTURY. Drink that in for a sec. For my grandkids, I will leave out the stories that involve heavy bourbon drinking and tube tops. In fact, from now on I’ll edit that whole summer out…it’s best for all parties involved.

I started out the “turn” serving overpriced steaks to wannabe foodies in the cubic zirconium of fine dining establishments on the coast of New Hampshire. I worked that New Year’s Eve and handed out glasses of sparkling wine to the entire staff and all of my regulars. I remember the countdown and all the silly Y2K tension as we got to the 3…2…1! I remember kissing a boy I placed far too much importance on as noise makers blew in the background.

This decade brought me to the city. New York was my first real love. And it brought me to the love of my life. I didn’t expect to fall so hard for the funny man from Plymouth Mass, but boy-oh-boy did he knock me for a loop. Love happens at weird times and in strange circumstances…I’ve always held those ideas very close.

A few years ago, I read a New York Times story about a crime scene clean-up guy from Queens. I tore out the article and stuffed it into my “interesting characters” folder. On a side note- everyone should have a folder like this. I tucked him away and continued to frolic around the city. I moved to Brooklyn with that funny, funny man. I wrote some plays, adopted a dog and got married. In that order.

My piece of this crazy puzzle happens one day after our opening. Hopefully, aliens do not invade during our short run at the Fringe, otherwise I will look like a Class A asshole. I pulled that interesting character out of the folder and let him loose on August 14th, 2011. He fits in well with the present day. A little jaded. A bit of an idealistic realist.

I’m excited to see what sticks from this decade. I have clear snippets that seem important now, but perhaps they will fade away and seem trivial in years to come. But, I can close my eyes and hear the haunting blips and harmonies of “Kid A” and I can feel the cold creeping into my hands as I waited in line for the midnight release of the new Harry Potter book. I see my husband’s eyes filling up with tears as he sees my turn down the aisle on our wedding day. I can remember the way my couch felt underneath me as I inched forward to hear the television announcer say “Our 44th president, Barack Obama.”  I’m pretty sure those snippets will hold up.

Get to know…Lindsay Murphy.


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