A Look Back at the Noughties

To celebrate the opening of FringeCENTRAL, we thought it might be fun to launch a little series we are calling, A Look Back at the Noughties.  What better way to get to know your neighbors than learning the stories behind the stories??  Check back for regular episodes between now and opening night!

A Look Back at the Noughties…

Or is it the Oughties?  What do you call the decade just past that begins with ’00?

How did ‘The Apartment’ get to be ‘a play with four sides?’  It began simply enough with four writers who agreed to write separate stories that take place in the same apartment.  The rules were simple: no more than two main characters, no more than twenty pages, etc., and things like subject matter and time period were wide open to the whim of the individual writers.  We hoped that some common themes might emerge and we would be able to somehow weave the stories together.

When we submitted our pieces to each other, it was immediately apparent that none of us had the same apartment in mind and the “etc.” above is proof that none of us had paid much attention to the ground rules either.  We had for the most part, written four stories, each with two characters involved in some sort of relationship, but there wasn’t necessarily one unifying theme.  We didn’t really know what the story might be about but we found it interesting that two of the pieces included the topic of the September 11 attacks in such very different ways.  And love was represented in each of the pieces – lost love, found love, old love, new love, the fight for love.

As our insightful director pointed out early on in the development of the piece, we have reflected back on most decades, but have had little opportunity to reflect on the most recent one.  Stay tuned for musings from the writers about what made “The Noughties” so remarkable and so memorable…
–Sorrel Barnard

Get to know…The Apartment.


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